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Live Your Life
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Welcome to StrongScot Physiotherapy. Helping you to live the life you want! 

Having worked across Scotland for the past 6 years, both in the NHS and privately, I have helped hundreds of people to live life on their terms. My approach is to provide simple, honest and effective solutions to each person. Taking an active approach to build strength and resilience, so that you can overcome pain and disability. 

I will take the time to understand the root causes of your pain or disability, so you can be provided with an individually tailored treatment program that suits your lifestyle and goals. 


Physiotherapy Exercises for Back & Knee Pain

Back and knee pain are some of the most common ailments among people of all ages. If you have been struggling with pain, it's time you visit StrongScot Physiotherapy. I am a trained physiotherapist offering holistic physio in Hamilton.

Designed to offer pain relief, improved performance and confidence, I use a combination of stretching, strengthening, and easy-to-follow exercises suitable for clients of all ages. These exercises and manual therapies can modulate pain, improve mobility, increase strength and facilitate movement.

Sports Massage Therapy

Specialising in managing all musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions, I am a physiotherapist in Hamilton offering effective solutions for pain, sports injury rehabilitation for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. If not treated on time, sports-related conditions can worsen and impact athletic performance. That is why I offer expert sports massage and exercises for injury rehabilitation at my clinic. Through a combination of strength training exercises and mobility techniques, my services can help athletes, and people from all walks of life, put their best foot forward.



Our Physiotherapy Services


Get a full Physiotherapy assessment and treatment package in the centre of Hamilton



These appointments are perfect for when you're up and running. For discussion, guided rehab session or manual therapy



Get in Touch

As the name suggests, StrongScot Physiotherapy is a hamilton based physiotherapy clinic specialising in a range of Physiotherapy techniques. I provide personalised treatment plans to help clients restore mobility and relieve pain for the best results. Book an appointment today and dial 07933967143 or email at

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